Just Finished Carondelet Twilight Oil Painting

This is one of few night scenes I have painted.  I love the drama of night scenes!  I’ve been getting somewhat bored with just regular day scenes.  There seem to be a preponderance of paintings of landscapes of fields, woods, hills, trees, streams, and rocks.  Don’t get me wrong, these are just as valuable and beautiful.

I love to do architecture.  There is something about building up that geometric sense of structure, and the modeling that goes along with it.  This is the Carondelet Park boathouse.  This park is in south St. Louis, just 3 blocks from my home.  One evening, my husband and I were there, just relaxing and enjoying the encroaching evening.  Since this view faces east, the sky and resulting lake reflections are very blue.  My favorite aspect of this, and the focal point, is actually the light, not any particular object.  The building acts more as a support and as a secondary minor focal point.  The light reflections on the water are the main focal point.

My palette was a titanium/zinc white, cadmium yellow medium, venetian red, mars violet deep, French ultramarine blue, terre vert, and burnt umber.

Here is the link to the online listing.

Carondelet Twilight
Carondelet Twilight, 20″ x 16″, oil on canvas panel

5 thoughts on “Just Finished Carondelet Twilight Oil Painting

  1. I love your painting, I have yet to do a night painting….I have done evening painting and have always been fascinated with the night paintings. Is this a plein air? Maybe I missed that part, regardless it looks fresh and lively.


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