The Gift of Standing in the Trenches with a Survivor

Very true, and hard to find people who will take the time to do this.

Spiritual Sounding Board


“Being heard
is so close to being loved
that for the average person,
they are almost indistinguishable.”
― David Augsburger

The other day, a spiritual abuse survivor and friend I met last year in Moscow, Idaho, posted the following quote by Dr. Diane Langberg on her Facebook wall. Please read it slowly and carefully. Knowing and understanding this could be the very gift you use to help propel a survivor in a positive direction towards healing.

One characteristic of dealing with survivors of trauma is the repetitious nature of that work. Survivors will say the same things over and over—“How could my father do that to me . . .” They will be repetitious in dealing with their emotions—“I am so angry that . . .” And they will repeat their losses again and again—“I cannot believe so-and-so is dead . . .”

Expect it, and learn to sit with it…

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“Facets” Abstract Pastel Painting

I’m naturally drawn to geometrics and patterns.  I really enjoy doing all this fine repetitive work.  It probably has to do with being high functioning autistic.  I also love, love, love color.

I started out drawing a grid of 1 inch squares.  Then, I hand drew circles, and divided them into fourths.  Within them, I drew triangles with either straight or curved lines.  The black in half of each sets off the color quite well.  The gray background also sets off the colors.  I just let my creative juices flow, and went with that flow.

My color palette was analogous, as well as complementary.  The complementary colors were yellow and violet, and then all the colors in between on the color wheel.

How fun is this?  It is original.  I doubt you would find another like it.

Here is the online store listing.

Facets, pastel on pastel board, 18 1/2 x 26 1/2 inches

What therapists of autistic / Aspie women should focus on

Wow! Did this ever hit home.

I CAN Be Autistic

picture of a woman's face in three different aspects - large, small, line drawing We are diverse. And you need to look deeply to find what’s there.

Countless women have been incorrectly diagnosed with personality disorders and treated for them — via psychotherapy and medication — when what’s really going on is Autism. Or Asperger’s.

Part of the issue is that so little is known about how autistic spectrum conditions actually manifest in women, and how women work with them. It’s a big, big problem, in my opinion. And it’s one that can be addressed.

Therapists working with women on the spectrum can do certain things to help:

1. Please, please, please STOP pathologizing our differences.

STOP treating our differences like problems to be solved, and accept us and our quirks for what they are — just differences that scare other people, but can work really well for us, if they’re properly managed.

Instead of trying to normalize us and get us in line with…

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En Plein Air Painting of Kentucky Lake


I recently got back from a week long trip to Kentucky Lake, which started out great, but got rather dicey at the end.  At any rate, one of the highlights of the trip was that I got to paint en plein air (outside) on a day when it wasn’t hot and humid.

Here are the results of my painting session.  My family and I went to Lighthouse Landing at Kentucky Lake.  I took along some small (9 x 12) sheets of toothy pastel paper, and my Nupastels, which are hard pastels.  They are great for traveling, as they don’t take up much space.

I decided to add warmer blues and yellows to the boats and the foreground water, because it was so cold and blue.  I wanted it to have more warmth.

My plein air work is not usually as smooth and finished as my studio work.  I’m looking at this right now, and seeing that I could consider softening some of the passages in here.  However, I will probably leve it as is, to maintain the loose and spontaneous quality that makes plein air work desirable.

As you can see, this was a partly cloudy day.  It was mostly cloudy by the end of this painting session, which was about 2.5 hours.