What therapists of autistic / Aspie women should focus on

Wow! Did this ever hit home.

Just Under Your Radar

picture of a woman's face in three different aspects - large, small, line drawing We are diverse. And you need to look deeply to find what’s there.

Countless women have been incorrectly diagnosed with personality disorders and treated for them — via psychotherapy and medication — when what’s really going on is Autism. Or Asperger’s.

Part of the issue is that so little is known about how autistic spectrum conditions actually manifest in women, and how women work with them. It’s a big, big problem, in my opinion. And it’s one that can be addressed.

Therapists working with women on the spectrum can do certain things to help:

1. Please, please, please STOP pathologizing our differences.

STOP treating our differences like problems to be solved, and accept us and our quirks for what they are — just differences that scare other people, but can work really well for us, if they’re properly managed.

Instead of trying to normalize us and get us in line with…

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