A Winter Plein Air Scene

I’ve gone from spring, to autumn, to winter.  Here is a small oil painting I did of Carondelet Park in the winter.  I had just gotten a wonderful new plein air easel, and was very excited about that.  It is the Soltek easel.  I LOVE it!!!  Man, is it quick and easy to set up and take down.  This is horseshoe lake in the park, as seen from south.  The building is either a utility building, or restrooms.  I like how the red roof shows up in the muted colors of winter.

“Horseshoe Lake in Winter”, oil on canvas panel


Under the Crabapple Tree

Spring is such a lovely season.  After the cold and dark of winter, the warmth and sun are such a welcome relief to me.  A little while back, I painted this en plein air at a local microbrewery in a small town in Missouri.  It is an uphill view, and shows the play of light and color of the sun shining through a crabapple tree.  It has a soft, dreamy feel about it.  That is how I was feeling that day when I painted it.  I remember listening to old 60’s tunes  that the brewery was playing, and it gave me a nostalgic feeling.  I was little kid in the 1960’s.  There was a charming older home at the top of the hill.

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Under the Crabapple Tree, 20″ x 16″, oil on canvas panel

Mother’s Day

Today, I took my younger son Andrew to visit my mom.  We gave her a very nice lavender scented candle, and a bright yellow kalachoe plant.  She decided to buy my paintings called “Six Canoes”.  It is an oil painting I did at Creve Coeur Lake in north St. Louis county.  This is where our family sails, and they also have a rental place for stand up paddle boards, canoes, and paddle boats.  One day, as I was sitting by the rental place, I noticed this lady in a fuschia bathing suit on a SUP.  I really liked how you could see the canoes and stacks of chairs along the shore.  I pumped up the light and warmth in the sky.  I also like how the canoes are all from a different perspective from left to right.  One of the canoes is hard to locate, but it is there.  Can you find it?

Six Canoes
Six Canoes, oil on canvas panel, 16″ x 20″, SOLD